Wipe Your Slate

Wipe Your Slate

by Ninna Kiel Nielsen


ISBN-13: 978-87-996611-0-7


Publisher: Amuse A Muse


First published August 2014


The book can

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The Book

Too much clutter?

Too little room?

Too little energy?

If you home is draining your energy, and the mess keeps coming back, then this book is for you. I have been there. I know what you're fighting.


You can find a lot of books about systems which will making cleaning up easier and more effective. Yeah, OK. But this book can do more than that.


Wipe Your Slate is not a regular run-of-the-mill Self Help Book. You shouldn't sit in your couch and visualize succes. There are no assignments. It's a book with the Author's personal real-life experiences about what happens, when you start out cleaning up. About the pitfalls and the things you need to hear as a tidyness apprentice in training.


You will have peace in your life when you clean up your home base - and that is when you start discovering what you really want to do.


So why not start figuring out what your real values are, and make your life less cluttered?


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